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The tournament consists of max. 32 teams, made up of amateur skilled players from participating companies. 50% of entry fees are pledged towards supporting young Entrepreneurs and Startups. 

For said fees, companies receive 6 competitive 2-day passes, and 10 2-day VIP tickets for coworkers, friends, etc. and of course - eternal glory! 

Applications are closed!


The game in question is: 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive'.First day - group stage. Second day - elimination.


Teams consist of 5 players with 1 reserve.


First round starts with 3200 gold.


Team captains need to report to the main stage 30min before match start. Failing to report to the main stage 20min before match start will result in disqualification.


While on main stage, team captains ban 2 maps each and play a cointoss. Cointoss winner picks either the map, or which side (C or T) he wants to start as. The other team then has a choice of either the map, or the side, depending on which choice is left by the team which won the cointoss.


Teams will have time to warm up from when they are seated at their computers until the next full hour. There is no guaranteed warmup time.


Matches always start on the full hour, except the first matches of the day.


Players will be equipped with computers and peripherals from our sponsors. No changes to the computer settings are to be made. Pre-set Steam logins will be used.


When seated at a computer, players can change and edit the following: player name, key binds, in-game mouse sensitivity, crosshair type, video resolution.


Game ends when one team reaches 11 rounds won.


2 teams with most wins in a group continue onto the elimination rounds on Saturday.


If 3 teams have the same numbers of wins (2), 2 teams with most rounds won overall continue onto the elimination round.


If all 3 teams with 2 wins within the same group have the same number of rounds won, playoffs will be played on Saturday at 9am.


Elimination teams will be paired in regards to the number of rounds won. Team with most rounds won will be matched with the team with least rounds won. Etc.


Games for 3rd and 1st place are played until one team reaches 16 rounds won.


Jadran Film, Ul. Rudolfa Kolaka 12, 10000 Zagreb

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